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Andrej Nemec

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Aviation Consulting & Engineering Services

Andrej Němec holds an MSc in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and has more than 14 years international experience in Air Traffic Management, Satellite-Based Navigation, Aviation Safety and Regulatory Affairs.

During his career he acquired extensive knowledge of all the major issues related to the aviation sector, such as aviation safetyaviation regulationssustainability and environmental problems of air transport.

He covered management roles for aviation industry trade bodies like ACI EUROPE (Airports Council International) and EBAA (European Business Aviation Association) and worked as Brussel representative for  INECO, a Spanish company global leader in transport engineering and consultancy for which he also served as GNSS and Air Traffic Management Engineer, leading implementation projects that successfully demonstrated the technical and socio-economic benefits of Satellite-Based Air Navigation Systems.

He possesses a high degree of understanding of EU LobbyingEU legislation monitoring in the transport policy area, Business Development and Coalition Building strategies.

He served as Seconded National Expert for Regulatory Affairs at the SESAR Joint Undertaking and ATM expert in the Core Team of “EUROMED aviation project”, a European Commission sponsored project (supervised by DG MOVE and funded by EuropeAid / DevCo) part of MEDA regional programme and meant to provide technical support and expertise to countries of the MEDA area (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Syria).

Former member of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Advisory Board, of the Subcommittee on Flight Standards (FS) and Subcommittee on Aerodromes (ADR) of the EASA Safety Standards Consultative Committee (SSCC) and of the European Commercial Aviation Safety Team (ECAST), he has excellent lobbying experience with those EU institutions that play an active role in the aviation safety rulemaking process, such as EASA, the European Parliament TRAN Committee and the European Commission DG MOVE.


Ozren Stakić

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Ozren Stakić

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Funkcije in vloge

  • Koordinacija uvoza – izvoza za Evropo in  na relaciji Evropa – Afrika
  • Trženje na področju gradbeništva, opažni sistemi in drugo,
  • Uvajanje novih in cenovno ugodnih tehnologij v hitro rastočem sektorju za ključne stranke na afriških tleh.
  • Ostale tržne dejavnosti.

Why invest in West Africa – Africa

Why  invest in West Africa – Africa

  • Africa is hungry for new products, technologies, and knowledge and preferred market for Slovenian and European economy.
  • The biggest economic potential of Africa. The concentration of population in large cities along the Atlantic coast.
  • Logistically easily accessible.
  • Americanand European markets are saturated with supply and there are few demands.
  • Africa continents are consumer nations and they are not technologically advance like America and Europe.
  • Massive invasion of African marketand economy by Multinationals companies from America, Western Europe and Asians.
  • Fast economic growthand sponsoring of development projects by world bodies like World Bank, IMF, USAID, and IFC are concentrated in developing Africa.


Statistical data

 Africa’s equity markets are hot, with investors attracted by the Sub-Saharan region’s GDP growth rate of more than 5% over the past three years. The main markets have risen by more than 50% in the past 5-10 years.

Granted; it’s easier for underdeveloped economies to deliver eye-popping growth numbers since they are starting from a much smaller economic base than the developed world, still, economists think that:

  • Many African countries can expect even more impressive growth than the average for the continent.
  • Some African nations have the potential to double their economies over the next decade. (over 7% per annum).
  • Ethical Investmentsin Agriculture are particularly important because agriculture ‘s potential is huge.
  • Other Sectors of the African Economysuch as Real Estate,  Industry, Technology, etc., have equally great Potentials.


Economic Community Of West African States – ECOWAS   

Member countries making up ECOWAS are: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Cote d’ Ivoire, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Senegal, and Togo.

Investing and doing business in the  ECOWAS  region is further enhanced by the Economic Partnership Agreement between EU and West Africa, which covers goods and development cooperation, that opens up new business opportunities and increases legal certainty for European Investors.

Lidija Kocuvan Gašparič

Povezovanje - Slovenija - Afrika

Mag. Lidija Kocucan Gašparič
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  • Slovensko

Funkcije in vloge

Slovenska koordinacija partnerjev in organizacij:

  • Strokovnjakov in pilotskega projekta Slovenija, Evropa – Afrika na področju izobraževanja, kmetijstva, energetike, komunikacij, logistike in drugo,
  • Razvoj novih projektov za sodelovanje med Slovenijo, Evropo in Afriko,
  • Razvoj poslovne in socialne odgovornosti v podjetjih in družbi,
  • Povezovanje slovenskih, evropskih in afriških nevladnih organicij,
  • Vzpodbujanje in promocija socialno odgovornih podjetij in poslovnih povezav,
  • Koordinacija povezovanja izobraževalnih ustanov in institutov in organizacij med Slovenijo, Evropo in Afriko.

Why West Africa?

Why  Africa?

  • Africa is hungry for new products, technologies and knowledge.
  • The preferred market for our economy.
  • The biggest economic potential of Africa.
  • The concentration of population in large cities along the Atlantic coast.
  • Logistically easily accessible.

What do you gain?

  • Fast, Safe and Effective marketing.
  • Direct contacts with African managers and executives.
  • International African business networking.
  • Mutual business confidence and business security.
  • Turnkey benefits over the competition.
  • Huge market.
  • A faster development of your company.


  1. While many European Business Owners are focused on expanding their business into USA and China, Business Owners from USA and China are focused on expanding their business into the African Market.
  2. Though Africa is among the world current booming market, the competition by many Businesses to capture a chunk of the African market is strong. But the Competitions are beatable.
  3. Africans operates a more physical market than online market. The ratio between the Physical Market and the Online Market in Africa is 8 : 2 in favour of the Physical Market. Many still feels that online offers are highly prone to fraud and abuse. Business People always ask to know your office from the first time of contact.
  4. Africa buys what they see, feel and taste. Many Africans prefer to avoid the hassles of import protocol by buying products from warehouses and wholesale stores in Africa.
  5. Connecting and Developing Business in Africa comes with a lot of challenges, but these challenges are surmountable; if you have a unique understanding of the terrain, people, business language and culture.
  6. The opportunity for longer term sustainable growth is higher in Africa than any other part of the World. China has graduated from waiting for Africans to come and import from China, to taking their Product to Africa to sell, and are currently establishing production plants in Africa to take reasonable advantage of the opportunity available in the African Market.

Why VAL Africa?

Knowing the Unknow Africa

Some parts of SubSaharan Africa in the last 10 -15 years has increased their GDP by up to 500%. Source: 

  • Economic growth in the various regions increases of 5-8% per annum.
  • Only West Africa has 360 million people approximately.
  • All Sub Saharan Africa has over one 1 billion people.

Why VAL Africa?

  • Safe and trustworthy business without pitfalls and obstacles.
  • Simple to key customers, agents and distributors.
  • Increased realization, profit and higher company development.

Do you need a partner who?

  • is responsive, well-organized and flexible and represents
    you in Africa?
  • opens the door and introduce you to Africa and Africans?
  • facilitates your marketing in Africa?
  • finds you new market niches?
  • Who builds your business network?

Our advantages!

  • We understand, know and act from Africa for Africa.
  • We have a wide range of partners, experts in the field of media, marketing, finance, management, marketing professionals and others who live and operate in Africa.
  • Africans represent your brand, products and services.
  • We practically conduct qualitatively and verifiable analysis of the markets.
  • We provide you the key for strategic platforms and directions.
  • Your logistic center in Abidjan for French speaking countries and in Lagos for English speaking countries,
  • Your business network at region, country and interregion levels in West Africa and Subaharan Africa,