VAL objectives

The VAL raises the following objectives:

  • integrationand raising awareness of people of all generations,
  • global multimedia presentation of projects, 
  • help the socially disadvantaged, the underprivileged social groups of people,
  • action to help children in need and children with special needs,
  • help people with disabilitiesand their families,
  • assist firefightersin emergency situations,
  • education and deepening interest in raising the quality of life for all people, with an emphasis on clean water, healthy nutrition, ecology, alternative-spiritual therapy,
  • warning of the problem of stress in life  and promoting the development of healthy and active life,
  • Public warning and respect foruniversal fundamentals of ethical values ​​– the code,
  • connecting with relevant institutions and societies at home and worldwide,
  • organizationand preparation of events and related projects,
  • raising awareness of higher collective consciousness and spread of universal LOVE.

Social economic roles

Missions of VAL